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Headset Display???


Hello All,


B.L.U.F. - Is there such an animal as a head mounted "monitor"?


Long time lurker, first time poster.  So for years now as I have continued to watch the price of VR drop and their capability increase, I have often wondered why no one is making a headset that could replace your monitor.  This line of thinking started years ago when I ended up switching to Laptops vs Desktops because my wife would use her laptop while watching tv in the living room while I was relegated to the computer room and thus not with her.  So after getting a laptop and sitting this 12lb behemoth on my lap I wondered couldn't I use a desktop with a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and a lightweight monitor, granted when this all started there was no such thing as Bluetooth keyboard / mouse, but then later thought instead of a lightweight monitor, isn't there a headset monitor out by now.  And I know that by wearing a headset and blocking out the world around me I am back to not spending quality time with the significant other, all this rambling aside, does anyone know of a head mounted "monitor" that's not stupid expensive.  I know that some serious computer guys out there will drop significant money on a monitor and honestly I don't know if I could just use a VR headset for the same functionality or not, but I wondered.  Below are links to a few of the things I have seen out there that are I guess close, but none that I think will actually fully do the job of being a monitor replacement.


Vuzix iWear Video Headphones - $129

Vision HMD Big Eyes - $219

Avegant AG101 Glyph - $209


Then in the Personal Cinema category there are these...

Royole Moon - $599 (on sale)

Cinera - $799

Sony HMZ-T2 - $415 (released in 2011)

Sony HMZ-T3 - $958 (released in 2013, not for sale in US)



Thank you all for looking, hopefully someone has an answer.



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I don't know about a head mounted "monitor", but the Rift has a function that allows you to see/use your desktop in the Rift, though this is not really that good of an option as this uses a notable amount of your GPU's power, and the monitor panel in a Rift does not have that great if a resolution. 

In search of the future, new tech, and exploring the universe! All under the cover of anonymity!

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