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New Build for 1080p Gaming


Hello guys my name is HookandRoll and i come to request your help, yes you.

So my old AM3+ mobo died, and in this sad incident a spark of hope appeared, i have enough money for a new build.


1. Budget & Location

Around 5.000 Reais 1.300 Dollars, i live on Brasil, Each dollar = 3.75 real. I plant to buy with the Black friday sales

2. Aim

Play 1080p gaming on Ultra, have a pc fast enough for multitasking and light img editing, for the maps on the RPG nights that i GM and for memes made on paint.

3. Monitors

1 1080p LG monitor, and i plan to buying another of the same size in the future(not now)

4. Peripherals

Already have, headphones, mouse, keyboard, printer, OS.

5. What do i Need?

So I need a New GPU, CPU, MOBO, 8GB RAM and Power Supply


What i found so Far


This i57400 + Mobo https://www.terabyteshop.com.br/produto/9345/kit-upgrade67-placa-mae-processador-intel

This Ryzen 7 1700 + Ram + Mobo https://www.terabyteshop.com.br/produto/9841/kit-upgrade87-placa-mae-processador-amd-ryzen-memoria

This 2 GTX 1070TI https://www.pichau.com.br/hardware/placa-de-video?rgpu=604, that are 50 Dollars more expensive than the GTX 1070

And this Cheap Power Supply https://www.kabum.com.br/cgi-local/site/produtos/descricao_ofertas.cgi?codigo=91024


These are the 3 Sites that i would safely buy, as they are very well seen here on Brazil





I will install the pc in a type of drawer that i will make in the new PC Desk. 

I will probably need a PCI-E 16x Extender for the GPU, do i need one with a molex?

Also i would like to have a USB Hub do you guys have any recomendation?

Already have 2 HDD 1TB just ready to be wiped clean and a new w10 key install

I think i can get about extra 300 bucks for my old fx8300 + gtx1050ti + and 8gb dd3ram

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Just now, Shimejii said:

Ryzen 1700 or 2700 by far. Dont go with a cheap PSU, they are a BAD idea

even a corsair one? its 750w bronze, the 750w gold is 40 bucks more expensive.


i never had problems with any PSU, even those 300w generic ones that come in prebuilts

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Rest In Peace my old signature...                  September 11th 2018 ~ December 26th 2018

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