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Motherboard storage performance? Best chipset?


Hey everyone it's been a long time since I've needed to come to a forum for some help but I'm a little over my head on this one! I have a decent PC that I plan to upgrade in the coming weeks (i7700k @5.2 delid, asus z270 strix, 16gb ram, 1080ti OC and a bunch of storage) I move a lot of data around in the form of pics and video for instance my god awful camera folder from years of cell pics and my a6600 has 38k pics just thrown in it (4tb drive). I have another 4tb storage drive with videos just crammed that I use for plex. Another drive is my dump drive that I download or sort on to get moved to the plex server drive. My OS is on nvme.


My issue is accessing these drives and moving data is a pain in my rear! Usually I can move a 10gb file from storage to plex drive at 100mbs but now if I am playing in my pic drive sorting my pics while I transfer from the storage drive to my plex drive my system starts becoming less responsive to the point where "my computer" wont even open. Oh and that data transfer is now at 12mbs! Basically my pc becomes a snail. Let me point out that I'm not hitting any drives with multiple tasks. Seams like the motherboard chipsets can't handle that much storage access at once? Like what's going on here? And more importantly how do I get better storage performance? X299? Threadripper? Like where do I need to be here because I'm not a fan of powerpoint!


Thanks for your time I know it was a long post and I hope I explained it well enough :/

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That's pretty strange... You could check CPU usage just to be sure in case that's limiting somehow (though I highly doubt it). I don't think any of the SATA ports share bandwidth and even if they did it wouldn't limit 2 HDDs.


A few basic things you could do is update the bios, mess around with what drives are plugged into which sata ports (though I doubt it would change anything) or maybe clear the cmos.

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