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  1. Those two are actually the exact same SSD so just buy whichever one is cheaper
  2. Bandwidth to what? The cpu connects to a ton of things so I don't know what you're specifically referring to
  3. Which SanDisk ultra? Is that the wd blue 3d?
  4. Sleep mode means your pc state is saved in ram so your ram HAS to be on in sleep mode to store the state. You can't turn it off. Either turn off the rgb entirely or maybe you can try using hibernate
  5. Hm I think I'll do some more research and read a couple more reviews and then decide. It's probably between the Monoprice and LG; if I'm convinced that I'll be fine with the Monoprice quality+warranty I'll probably go for it. 240 hz isn't of interest to me because I don't think the difference from 144 to 240 will be as noticeable as 1080p to 1440p, so I'm mostly interested in 1440p 120-144 hz displays. Thanks for the suggestions
  6. I'm just not entirely sold on it because the quality of the panel doesn't seem as great as the others. Like from what I've seen a lot of people have issues getting it to go to 120 hz; some even have issues doing 100 hz with freesync on and instead have to go to 75 hz with freesync. It also seems to have flickering when you go below 55 hz with freesync (though admittedly, I probably wouldn't go that low). It seems like more of a gamble quality control-wise and also productivity is the main benefit of an ultrawide but I'll have a 29" ultrawide as a second monitor so I'm not sure it would benefit
  7. are you suggesting the zero g or some other ultrawide? No, I plan on also grabbing a GPU upgrade this week; probably one of the 5700, 5700 XT, 2060 super, and 2070 super.
  8. I'm looking to buy a 1440p 144 hz adaptive sync monitor this black friday and I've found some potential options already but I'm not really sure what to choose or if there are other options available that I'm not aware of. The first option that I found that I am also leaning towards the most is the LG 32GK650-F. It's currently available for $250 and it's 1440p 144 hz (and overclockable to 165hz) freesync 32" and VA. Techspot gave it a pretty decent review as well so at $250 I think it's a really solid choice but I'm not entirely sure. I've found some other options like the Acer XF270HU ($50 mor
  9. Especially with a laptop I'm not sure if there's much you can do to tell, maybe the bios is corrupted but it's also possible something else is the issue (e.g. dead GPU, dead CPU, dead display connector, etc.). Maybe you can turn up the sound to check for beep codes? dunno
  10. Which specific monitors are you looking at? I also don't know if a 120 hz monitor really is worth it. There seem to be very few games that support 120 hz on the xbox one x. And I don't know if support will increase in the future since very few people use a 120 hz monitor with an xbox; most of the time it's a 60 hz TV. Maybe a 1440p 60 hz IPS monitor with freesync would be your best bet? Freesync is probably the thing you would want for gaming
  11. The PCIe connector on the PSU side might be different so you should probably try to find one that's for your PSU. 1660 has a TDP of 120W so I doubt that it would even boot.
  12. If it's stable on Prime95 for like 20+ minutes then it's gonna be stable for anything you'd be doing
  13. I know rocket league was planning on moving to the epic game store and removing the option to buy the game from steam, but people who already bought the game from steam can continue to play it there and get new updates. Does this affect it?
  14. It really depends on what device you're using them with. If the manufacturer did a decent job with their customization of Android, you'd probably be fine with even a 6xx level of SoC (look at the Pixel 3a, google did a solid job on the software side and it performs fine). Modern 6xx SoC's perform like a Snapdragon 835 from 2 years ago, which still holds up pretty well compared to the snapdragon 855 in real world performance. As a quote from Anandtech's Pixel 3a review: and I'd also argue that there's a lot of other factors you should look at, e.g. amount of RAM and storage type
  15. It's based on the same stuff used in the optane NVMe PCIe drives, which are arguably the fastest SSDs, so yeah I would say so
  16. Depends on what you're doing, if you're mainly gaming go with the 3600, if you're doing stuff that needs more multi-core performance get the 2700
  17. Took a look at your specs in your bio... Is an rx 580 really a good choice? According to your bio you have an rx 480 right now, and an rx 580 would hardly be an upgrade. If you want a CPU upgrade, I definitely would go for something new (probably ryzen 2000 or 3000 series), unless you get something like a 6700k for under $200 I wouldn't recommend it, multi-GPU isn't a great experience and you're usually better off selling your old GPU and getting a better one. Some games barely gain any performance from having more than 1 GPU
  18. Try resetting the CMOS, maybe some setting doesn't like the 3000 series EDIT: And as someone else said, try waiting a bit longer, sometimes when you put in new AMD CPUs it can take a couple of minutes to POST
  19. Anyone know the adaptive sync range on this monitor?
  20. You might be able to save a bit of money by grabbing an R5 3600 instead of the 3600x and overclocking it, but other than that this looks pretty solid It's marked as purchased so it's probably part of the pc OP is upgrading
  21. I know, and that's why I suggested the 2700x if they need multi core, but benchmarks do show that the 3000 series has better single core performance and as a result the 6 core Zen2 CPUs do a bit better at gaming than the 8 core Zen+ ones
  22. I got confused because of the input stuff now I see what's going on
  23. I did just check and it appears the 2700x is on a discount right now, which would result in 3700x+X570 probably being about $100 more than your config. I think the R5 3600 could also be worth considering though. If you're mostly gaming the 3600 could be a little bit better than the 2700x, but if you need the multi core performance the 2700x will definitely win out
  24. Zen+ is the architecture of the Ryzen 2000 series. AMD just came out with the new 3000 series CPUs based on Zen2, which are a solid upgrade over the 2000 series. Unless you're getting a really good deal on the 2700x, I would definitely suggest you get a 3700x and X570 motherboard