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Henge Dock


Dear Linus,
I just discover your channel a month ago thank to iJustin channel. This week I bought iFixit tool but your code didn't work and no way to let them know that I bought it because I see it on your channel. Also I bought and just received it I think one of the best choice of Hub for MacBook Pro 15.2 inch. I would love to see if one days you will do it some presentation of it. The Name of the company is Henge and the dock that I will suggest is Stone Tethered Docking Station for MacBook as a basic start you do have all connection included ethernet on the dock there is still one problem on it is that the sd card when installed is not accessible. For office use or graphic uses is fantastic. On this same brand if some one as more money they can buy the Hange vertical dock and all togheter is the best setting for Mac.
The henge dock work also for pc and really in my opinion is a very good product solid. I hope that I make you discover a new product also if not so new.
I hope that give you some idea for a presentation.
You are doing a fantastic work.
Federico Roy
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Welcome to the forum, and the LTT community! Please be aware that, while Linus does lurk on the forum a lot, he rarely responds. So, if you were expecting a response but don't get one, know he has probably read your suggestions. In any case, I think a dock review is a great idea.

import shittyTechAdvice as RollTime


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