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PSU Fan Issues


So i recently found a Corsair TX750 which was supposedly broken, and decided to see what i could do with it.  After draining all the power from it and letting it sit for a few weeks, I discovered the only issue was a MASSIVE buildup of dust in the fan; causing the fan to stop cooling the PSU. After removing the Build up and putting it back together and testing it for a few weeks, It runs fine. The only issue is it now makes a low pitched whirring. My theory is that since the buildup of dust was enough to stop the fan entirely, It damaged one of the bearings in the fan. Not enough to produce any noticeable reduction In thermals or performance, but enough to create this Noise.

Does anyone know where i could find a suitable replacement fan? after a few months, the noise is quite annoying and I don't have enough in my budget to replace the whole PSU


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