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ML240L AIO ticking noise + HDD screech (NEW BUILD NOISES)

Hello everyone.


So I've got this new PC right, bout 9-10 days old now.

And I'm very worried about two things with it, even though the performance is amazing, never had anything like it before, but that's why every noise makes me worried, invested like 3 monthly wages into the rig...



-Windows 10, 64 bit

-i7 8700k

-16GB Trident Z RGB 

-1080 Ti OC Strix

-ASUS Z370-E mobo

-ML240L Liquid AIO


-SAMSUNG 960evo 250gb NAND

-Apacer AS340 120gb SSD

-Bios version: 4/11/2018 


So this is what's up:

-If I turn the PC off, leave it like that for a couple of hours- say overnight... It happened twice now that when I turn it back on, the ML240L will start making a fast ticking noise,
kind of 
like crickets in summertime, or like a cable is brushing up against a fan, even though it's not, I checked multiple times... I will add recordings of the noise.
When the system starts up it's pretty dang noticeable, then it gradually gets quieter, even stops making the noise and sometimes it will randomly come back...
I also noticed that sometimes my AIO will make a bubbly noise, sometimes while starting up programs/games.
I can't really find anything on the internet about this... The cricket/ticking noise that is, I already found out that the bubbly noise could be just air inside the AIO which I understood is nothing to worry about.

At first I thought it's the fans of the AIO, but today I tried stopping each by gently pressing down on the center of them and nope, it wasn't that... I'm pretty sure it's from the pump or the tubes actually, not the fans.

I'm considering sending it back to the store, they said it's no problem, that they'll check and all, but I just wanna make sure it's not something normal before I do so.


-Second thing that worries me is whenever I turn the PC off, after it fully shuts down, after the MOBO disables all its lights etc. the HDD will make a screeching noise... Kind of like if you would scratch something against a piece of metal..

I've found some similiar videos of it on the internet and there's talk of bad bearings? Now if that's true, and it has bad bearings, will that affect it's performance/health or am I just gonna get the screech everytime the system turns off?
Because if it's the latter then I don't really care, but if it can be dangerous/detrimental to the drive then yeah I'll send it back.

Also it's probably good to mention that the S.M.A.R.T. checks that I've done so far with different programs all say that the HDD is fine, I mean I've yet to run the extended long tests but all of the shorter tests say everything is fine.



Also I think it should be said that the PC is performing beautifully, everything is fine.

CPU (not overclocked, but didn't turn off MCE in BIOS) when idle/only using Google Chrome is somewhere between 30-35 celsius, when playing games it goes max to 60 but rarely.

Although during video conversion from for example .mkv to .mp4 it goes up to 70 degrees celsius.

The GPU is usually somewhere about 40-50 celsius when idle/using Google Chrome and just surfing the web.

During games it gets up to 83 celsius sometimes but lately it's been performing at even under 80 celsius when playing in 4k and usually max/almost max settings.



I've attached 3 videos so you guys can hear this stuff.

There's the vid of the AIO noise which was recorded after the PC's been on for bout 3 hours... Then there's a video of the AIO noise when I turn on the system and lastly there's a video of the HDD noise when the system shuts down.

AIO noise.mp4

AIO noise on startup.mp4

HDD noise on shutdown.mp4



That's it for now.

I'm really thankful for anyone that will give their input, as I said this is my first proper big boy rig, so I'm worried about everything.

But then again I don't wanna be sending it back to the store if this turns out to be just something normal...




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I've messaged CoolerMaster's facebook page for my region (Balkans) , explained the problem and attached a video.

This is their reply.


"Our PM say:

That shall be the air inside the pump so turn it on and takes 20 to 30 mins, it will gone but normally, if they dont move the chasis, and it will just appear once so maybe first 2 times he turns on the pc, the noise will happen"


Well their English isn't the best but from what I understand they are trying to say that the ticking/buzzing noise is from the air inside the AIO, and it should be gone after 20-30 mins after startup... Which doesn't really happen.. It just gets gradually quieter, on monday it stoppe after some time but as of today it hasn't stopped making the noise yet.

Also they state that it should happen just on the first/second time I turn the PC on but I should mention that this has started happening only on monday this week, and I've had this PC since 23rd July,  it never happened when I first got it... So that's not it.

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That HDD noise is definitely NOT normal. Get your data backed up immediately and replace the drive. My AIO makes a similar sound to yours and it hasn't bothered me enough to replace it yet, if your temps are good and the sound doesn't annoy you too much then you can keep it, but you might want to replace it if it does bother you or if you want piece of mind.


Intel Core i7 6700K | AMD Radeon R9 390X | 16 GB RAM

Mobile Workstation:

MacBook Pro 15" (2017) | Intel Core i7 7820HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 560 | 16 GB RAM

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