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  1. Another Vancouver local did a great video on living in a storage locker here, his setup was pretty sick: https://youtu.be/HPVCTLPNUzo
  2. So why didn't we see a bunch of C-mount adapters used here? Give it some good optics and show off! Also it shouldn't be hard to script something to have a shutter button to just trigger the command line?
  3. Yep. Digital signals can have noise too. It's basically the same effect that causes interference / longer distances to give worse wifi connections. Also for what it's worth, there's no reason you can't make a very fancy active HDMI cable that's reversible. It's just a lot of wasted circuitry.
  4. Trying to use a non-cnc machine to tap a few holes like that is like running 100m with a stack of china just to save some time. Awesome video though.
  5. Why did this not count as a "sponsor showcase?" Or did you give up on putting that in the title?
  6. You made fun of that old monitor, but in my lab at UBC I have a machine with an i7-8700 with only a pair of Acer AL1511s running 1024x768. Because that's all you need!
  7. If you do any more like this, please take more data. It should be pretty easy to programmatically track the shots and # frames between events. No need to manually scrape the data.
  8. Yes, but 4 years ago... They're a lot smarter now with a lot more money to put into it. Most research labs do multi-room water cooling with chilled water (with many multi-kW devices). If you do it right it's fantastic.
  9. Multi-computer water cooling with a giant radiator like this: https://hydrosolar.ca/collections/hydronic-fan-coil-unit-cooling-heating-1-to-5-tons-capacity/products/hydronic-chilled-hot-water-fan-coil-unit-concealed-2-pipe-system-208-230v-1ph-50-60hz-capacity-1-to-5-ton?variant=12559880060989
  10. On one hand, it sucks that you didn't get the multichannel audio for everyone's lav mics and nobody thought of micing the audience. On the other hand, hearing Riley react to stuff is hilarious. Also can we give Brandon a round of applause for those light stacks? They look great. The whole set looks great!
  11. If you just put an acrylic box with a gas feedthrough over your motherboard and run dry air into it, you'll reduce condensation a lot.
  12. As for what video updates we’d like to see... I did my first hackintosh as a netbook in 2008 back when they were basically the only thing with SSDs. It works great and was very easy, but the updates were hell. What I think would be “best” would be infrequent updates on how your hackintosh is doing. The clean installs always work pretty well but even with this VM there’s no way you can go 2-3 years with automatic updates before something fails. Once a year video by a staff member who took the pc home and uses it casually?
  13. LOL the PCI oscilloscope... We use those all the time! Labview licenses are $50 one-time for home use or $500/year for the basic version for commercial use or like $5000 for the full version.
  14. That would actually be interesting, if city water comes in at 10C and you're running water to 100 units there's probably always at least 2L/min. If you cool 200W with that, that's 12000J/min. 12000 J / 2000g with a specific heat of ~4 joule/gram °C wouldn't even bring the water up to 12C. Nobody would care if their tap water was just that much warmer.