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Drives wont show up

I have two drives that wont show up that are driving me nuts. 


One is a new Sandisk SSD plus 240gb SSD which is actually an RMA replacement drive for a dead one. Does not show up at all in the BIOS as long as I remember having it though I remember feeling it and it was warm at some point.


I assumed it was DoA so I RMA'd it,but Sandisk would not respond to the RMA request for the replacement SSD for some reason,even though I sent it the day I got it.


The other is a HGST 2.5 inch laptop hard drive that I salvaged from my old laptop to get files off it and also use it as a non-critical storage/backup drive. Been working ever since I have taken it out of the laptop and took every precaution extracting it. Does not show up in bios also,let alone even spin up at all. The laptop that it was in had a battery(or charging circuit) failure where it would refuse to turn on,even when charging after a couple of weeks holding less than 20% original capacity max.


I have switch both sata and data cords. Even with my only working hard drive to no avail

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