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Issue with network drive


So in my home setup I have my primary PC and 2 secondary PCs that I have shared drives setup that I access from my primary PC. One of these network drives I have never had any issue accessing and it works perfectly fine. The other one though I can sometimes get connected and then it will work fine until a reboot (which so far has been forced upon me a half a dozen times over the last couple weeks due to windows update). After my primary PC reboots then I am back to square one where it doesn't connect and I get a error of "the network path was not found". Eventually the problem will go away and I will be able to connect but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it starts working again.


The only real difference I can see between the systems is the one PC I can always connect to is running Windows 10 Pro 1709 where as the problem system is running Windows 10 Pro 1803. 


I have also tried remoting into the PC that does work (running 1709) and see if I can connect to the drives on the problem PC and it works no problem so presumably the problem is on my primary PC.

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