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Tower 900 - Loop Ideas

Hi all, 


I'm beginning to plan the loop config for my current build log;




I know i can run it as a standard dual loop; but am wanting to do it a little differently....

Note:single color for the coolant


What are everyone's thoughts of a dual Parnell loop.

I don't know if that's the right explanation but my thinking goes a little like this.... 


Res1  > Rad1 

Res2 > Rad 2 


These would then go into one splitter and tube heading into the roof of the case.


Tube > Splitter > 2 tubes (cpu/gpu) > Splitter (at the back) and then finally into the returns of the res's 


All of the in/s outs of the components are running as Pass-through to either the custom mobo tray or roof.


If i'm being completely ludicrous with this idea, please sing out... 





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