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New here!


Hey everyone! My name is James and i am new here to the forum (posted something the other day straight away with no responses so i think i need to get myself some more tech friends)

i am a "gamer" a star-wars Lego fan builder and last but not least a huge fan of the band Phish.  

i currently play most of my games on my Xbox one, however i dabble in ps4, switch, wii, SNES, 3DS, and iphone games when I am bored.Also, i USED TO and i dont particularly play anymore unless i am really really really bored, will play MAC not PC versions of games like runescape or Diablo 3. Simply because my love of apple projects has yet to pass my love for PC gaming, as you can tell I'm more into consoles.


The real reason i got on here in the first place is to help find some solutions to my man cave i am building! just moved in with my girlfriend and she is allowing me to take the office room as a game room, so long as she can still watch TV while i game.  with that said, i have a center of the wall mounted 60 inch, and two 42 inch tvs mounted to the right of it. And my goal is to somehow successfully connect all my inputs into the 3 Tvs! Currently have posted a lot more about that part on other parts of the site, so lets skip that for now, however if you do have any ideas feel free to message me or comment here!


the second part i joined the website was to meet other gamers and those that are interested in tech.  i myself wouldn't call myself and expert at most games, or tech related projects, but would love to make some friends that are out there to help a friend in need!!  I live in the Dallas Texas Area, and if anyone else is from around there and would like to meet up for a coffee or a beer or whatever else let me know!


finally, i have two dogs, a 3.5 year old white lab, and a 6 month old cavapoo. My girlfriend is great and we frequent dave and busters, so if there are any other fans out there as well! let me know.


so i think i reached out to just about some part of everyone on here! i look forward to meeting some new people!

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nice be warned thought if you post the dankest of memes I will 

stealing memes......jpg

HS senior, Bagger Boi at local Kroger, semi professional Viber, & leader of your local veggie cult


For a reply please quote or  @Eduard the weeb me :D


Xayah Main in Lol, trying to learn Drums and guitar. Know how to film do photography, can do basic video editing


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