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Backup Plus Portable V2?


I didn't want to post this into news section as it's just a speculation I have.

I've seen the "v2" version of Seagate drives popping up in e-retailers like Amazon with sleeker looks and larger capacity and I did some Googling, and BAM!


Amazon just lists it as "out of stock".

If this is coming out before the end of the year, I am very excited as I use seagate's 1tb backup plus portable all the time, transferring files, doing backups, editing videos from footage on it, etc, and it has been VERY reliable. As long as you don't push the casing too hard, you never hear the clicking, dying sound of an HDD.

Apparently this one doesn't seem to have USM (look at the Amazon link pictures) but if it's any reliable like the last one, I am happy.

Thoughts? I didn't see any "news" article about this, so I kinda want someone on this forum to confirm what I'm saying.



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