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I am tired of having storms flicker the power flow to my pc,

I don't know which ups to buy:

I will have:

GPU: 1080 ti (FE)     (I am water cooling so I need the FE)

CPU: i7-7700k

MOBO: asus maximus ix hero

CASE: Fractal define S
PSU: seasonic 650W titanium
RAM: Gskill 4x8GB (32gb)
STORAGE: 2x 500GB HDD (random), 1 250GB SSD (booting/systems), 1 512 M.2 SSD (gaming)

Monitor: Acer XF240H (current). Asus ROG PG278QR(getting)

I will like more than enough power to run 5.1 surround speakers also maybe a modem and a small gigabit switch (6 ports)

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23 minutes ago, nope-not-yes said:


That shouldn't draw more than 500W at max load, depending where you are located a unit like this would be enough including peripherals and networking equipment.




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Just thinkin......


The way I learned about backup batteries and UPS's was to think about what the real idea was behind them.  Basically they are only needed to power your system long enough to basically save all your work and safely shut down the machine.  Considering the only real time they are needed is when commercial power is out of service.  So extra things that could put a drain on the system such as the surround sound speakers and the gigabit switch would not be needed when considering the size of the UPS.


To start with, consider the max power consumed by the system is no larger than the power supply powering that system you start with the 650 watts of the PSU then decide on how long (time wise) is needed to save your work before shutting down the system.


Given that information, then if you got an 850 watt UPS that can deliver that 850 watts for, say, 15 minutes, that should be plenty big enough to take care of your needs.


At least that is the way it was explained to me when I asked that question.  Unless things have changed in the last 20 years, I would assume (bad word) the same idea applies.


Good Luck.

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