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Upgrading PC useing same hard drive?

I plan on upgradeing my computers hardware, and I am replaceing the moutherboard and cpu. So I Heard that if I do that Windows will conflict with new drivers because it is trying to use old drivers and not the ones needed for the new motherboard. And therefore you need a fresh install of Windows on a new hard drive... The thing is though I bought the Windows 8 DVD and then upgraded to window 10 for free when it came out. So my question is I would I get Windows 10 on the new drive without haveing too pay 100 bucks when I already have it downloaded to the pc I built.

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Hey, I'm not contributing anything here but I also do want to know an answer to this because I'm in the same situation regarding windows on DVD (windows 7 and having win10 right now).

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Withouth fresh install I imagine it would run but with errors, meaning u would have to install mew chipset and drivers for your mobo and cpu. This can cause isssues if u dont properly remove old drivers as there would be conflicting. 


So i THINK fresh install will be required. You have full license windows (not OEM) so there wont be any problem applying your windows key to new build once you fresh install. 


Tldr, u will be fine with fresh install, no need to contact MS. Your windows 8 key wad automatically updated to windows 10 license and registered with MS (thats my understanding on how their keys work now).


Im 75% sure about what I said. To clarify wait for more responses (hopefully conforming my theory).

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Although I can't totally help you, this is what I did when upgrading my current pc from an amd platform to intel (swapping motherboard and cpu). This is a guide to windows 7, before I obviously upgraded to windows 10, then did a clean install of windows 10 (win 10 key stays in your motherboards bios, idk about 7/8). I would assume you could do something similar with windows 8/10, just make sure to write down your windows and any other application activation keys you have used just encase. 


You should boot and be activated regardless, there is just concern with removing old drivers first before you do the swap.

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You don't really need a fresh install. Just uninstall your chipset, graphics, etc drivers. Make sure you are using the same type of connection for your drive (e.g SATA). After booting you can then install the drivers for your new hardware. It might go through an automatic startup repair, let that go through. Also since you are changing your motherboard Windows will probably need to be re-activated, depending on the type (OEM, Retail, etc). Make sure to take a backup before everything, in case something goes wrong.


PS: @boboman342 Nice guide, didn't know anything about "sysprep". Not sure if that's absolutely needed as I've moved to different hardware without it in the past, but good to know Windows has such functionality.

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