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bluetooth speaker


This is by far the best value for the money Bluetooth speaker you can get. Let me start off by explaining how so, let’s look at the features:

The device is splash proof, making it amazing when taking it on short trips nears the pool or in the shower (steam). It come with a pre built in battery charger for your phone, can b connected using AUX cord and Bluetooth and has a nice handle to hang it when using.

Over all the sound quality was great, I used it as my daily driver connected to my PC (Bluetooth) for 2.5-3 days straight (without charging it) and it worked amazing. I specially love the deep bass on it, Makes the sounds more natural.

It has a nice matte finish to it with an under blue color, it’s a tad bit heavy giving it a premium feeling. It definitely grabbed attention with its looks and it can get reallllly LOUD.

I would highly recommend this product, I used a JBL Bluetooth speaker and I feel like this is miles better than my JBL. 











i7 4930k / Asus GTX titan / 16 gig dominator platinum / asus rampage extreme IV black edition AC4 / RM850 PSU / 512 samsung 840 pro 

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