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Tying a peripheral mode to a screensaver


So I went out and impulse-bought the new K-65 RGB from Bestbuy today, and I was wanting to tie a lighting mode to my screensaver.  I have a matrix-themed pattern and was wanting it to change modes on its own every time the screensaver starts.  Only problem is that the screensaver is not a .exe file.  Any idea how to make it activate on a timer or something?


EDIT: my original thought was to have some sort of background process detect that A: I'd been idle for a set duration or B: that the screensaver was active.  I could then use that process to open some simple executable (command prompt, or something of that nature that would open up without much resources and be only a small nuisance to close when I came back to my computer) which I could tie the profile to, which is already supported in the software.

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