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I don’t get a picture when starting pc with two screens connected.

So I have recently built a new PC with the specs below. My problem is that when two screens are connected, (both to my GPU) (this problem happens 9/10 times) the PC will start, but my main monitor is on but is displaying a grey-ish color. The PC doesn't make it to the windows log in screen, just a black screen with grey-ish color to it. The Asus motherboard logo does not show up when I have two screens connected. I then have to power the PC off and unplug one of the monitors, and then the PC boots and starts as normal, and then I replug the second screen. I have the same problem if one of the display cables are plugged into the motherboard and the other into GPU. I have tried switching cables, disabling on board graphics in bios settings, (only nvidia GPU showing up now), different cables, two cables in GPU, one cable in GPU and the other in motherboard. I’ve updated bios and NVIDIA drivers. I don't know what to do.


Here are my specs:  
R7 7800x3d

Zotac trinity OC Rtx 3080

Asus tuf gaming b650 plus wifi


RM850x shift

Crucial P3 Plus 2TB

Windows 11

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Have you tried 100% different cables?  Like, using neither of the cables you're attempting to use otherwise.  I had a build that wouldn't boot because of a very specific Display Port cable I was using.  GPU was fine, Screen was fine, but that one specific DP cable would cause the system to just refuse posting.

If you're able to borrow (or even buy if you don't have another option) a couple decent known-good cables that're current spec, I'd go that route and see what happens, assuming you don't have like 4 DP cables around that you're able to individually test on each screen individually (for a total of 8 single screen tests to sanity check variables in this hypothetical situation)

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