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SATA to USB 3 cable. And USB-C female to USB-A 3/3.1/3.2 male adapter. For data transfer from my old pc and SSD drive.

HELP I need these cables asap,  but which brand is reliable? There are hundreds of similar product on the market, but it's hard to find a good  brand/seller on Amazon. Recently,  I bought  a USB-C female to USB-A 2.0 male cable on Amazon, but it came with a USB 1/1.1 adapter.  I have to return it. 


Any good recommendation? 

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43 minutes ago, UndeadAlien said:

I bought  a USB-C female to USB-A 2.0 male cable on Amazon, but it came with a USB 1/1.1 adapter.

What are you talking about? USB 1.1 is physically the same as 2.0... what kind of adapter is it?


43 minutes ago, UndeadAlien said:

USB-C female to USB-A 3/3.1/3.2 male adapter

Technically, this is the correct way to have that type of adapter. USB-C requires an active chip to handle the rotation when converting to USB-A.


43 minutes ago, UndeadAlien said:

SATA to USB 3 cable

This is the updated version of the one I've been using for a decade.

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