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For the past year, Motherboard LED's on but computer will not turn on, except random cases.



Posting here because its been a year of issues with this PC and 5 RMA's and still seemingly no end in sight and hoping to get some advice, I'll give my current specs, a chronological order of events and then the troubleshooting I've already tried.

tl;dr:  With 4070ti and 1000w psu, Mobo LED's are on, computer will not respond to the power button or shorting the power pins except on rare occasions it will decide to work. With 1070 and 750w PSU, Mobo LED's are on but the Power supply must be reset off and on between every boot or else will refuse to turn on.


CPU: Ryzen 7 7800X3D

Mobo: ROG Strix B650-A Gaming

RAM: G.SKILL Flare X5 Series AMD EXPO 32GB at 6000

GPU: GALAX GeForce RTX 4070Ti EX Gamer V2

PSU: MSi APG 1000w 

OS: Windows 11


Bought a 3080 and MSI PSU in June 2023, 2 weeks later, get constant nvlddmkm crashing errors while gaming implying the GPU kernel is corrupted, get an RMA and sent back a new GPU, not refurbished GPU. This repeated about 4 times. GPU's would work for a couple weeks and then start getting nvlddmkm errors only doing light gaming on esports titles.

After the fourth time I got fed up so I got my current RAM, GPU, Mobo, and CPU. Replacing all the old parts thinking this would solve it. This build lasted about 4 months before my computer started refusing to turn on.

Motherboard lights would work but pressing the power button and shorting the pins wouldn't work. A week later, I just pressed the power button and it turned on, only to have nvlddmkm errors once again. I decided it must be a power supply issue, so I RMA'd my MSi PSU and they gave me a new one, only to have the same exact error: the computer will not respond to my attempts to turn it on.

I tried plugging in my old 1070 and 750w psu however, this will only work if I toggle (off/on) the PSU between every boot.

I'd just like to be able to use my 4070ti.


Current Troubleshooting attempts:

On/Off again

Reseating RAM, GPU, and Power cables.

Unplugging all Accessories (USB's) and Drives except boot drive

New PSU/ Mobo/ RAM

New Outlet (with and without Surge Protector)

New House

Uninstalling GPU Drivers

Clean Windows Install


Any help is greatly appreciated

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Just tried plugging in the 1070 into the 1000w PSU and turning on ERP, the 1070 no longer requires to reset the PSU every boot, but the 4070 still doesn't respond to attempts to power on.


Also tried removing CMOS battery and power cycling to no change.

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