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Gigabyte M27Q X Or LG 27GR83Q-B


Hello all, I have a little bit of a doubt, I'm switching from an LG 27GL650F-B to a 1440p monitor.


What I'm looking for is an IPS panel that has excellent picture quality and has a minimum of 144Hz refresh rate, dont care about brand, dont care about stand as its going on a montior arm anyway. I like that the display is bright ( i keep it at 85 brightness always ).


Initially I wanted a 32inch 1440p but as i have a 2 monitor setup, the second monitor will be going off the table.

I managed to find the above monitors that were the most recommended because they are fast and have a good picture quality however I'm unsure what to get. I've been using LG for the past 4 years and i love it but Gigabytes has kinda better features for picture quality according to Rtings.


Current prices for the above are

Gigabyte around 410e

LG one is 330e


Does the higher cost justify the features on the gigabyte one? If anyone has an alternative one do recommend.

NOTE: LG 27GL850-B is unable to be found here as well as the other Gigabyte M27 models.

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The LG is slightly slower and has a bit worse color accuracity, but the price difference is pretty big. But since you're only looking for 144Hz and both of them are 240Hz options I'd first suggest looking for other models where you can save some money.


What is your region and what are some of the retailers you can buy from?

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