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Looking for a full size mechanical keyboard with a similar (or better) switch and overall feel to the Asus Azoth




I am new to the word of mechanical keyboards, I was gifted an Asus Azoth and I FUCKING LOVE IT. It's like little angels touching my finger tips, the sound, the feel, everything about it I love. I have the Red Switch version. 


I'm looking for really the same or similar keyboard at work but full size. My budget is $500. I'll build it myself if I have to, if it's a kit. 


Can someone reccommend a premium fullsize keyboard with a similar overall feel of the Azoth, and with linear switches that give me an audible orgasm? 

It can be wired, wireless, or bluetooth. I don't care as long as it's amazing. 

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Posted (edited)

The ASUS Azoth is not a particularly special keyboard. Gaming brand keyboards have been sorely lagging behind enthusiast boards while massively overcharging. They do have merits through - they tend to be the only options with macro keys, and they tend to be all-black with shine through keycaps. The Azoth doesn't have macro keys so it makes it even more unremarkable...


Look at any of Keychron’s offerings - specifically the Q6 Max considering your fat budget.

Then buy some aftermarket high quality aftermarket switches. Please keep in mind that all switches also require a different amount of force to operate. You could could go for Red Gateron G Pro 3.0 switches for the most vanilla perfect linear experience. I doubt Azoth's red switches are more special. Or you could get Gateron Milky Yellow switches for a little more thock. And then there's Gateron Oil King for the supreme experience.

I do need to mention that a lot of people find Keychron keycaps to be exceptionally unremarkable and have durability issues. Somehow they just crack...? It's possible that these issues have been fixed with the Max lineup of keyboards since the keycaps appear to be more premium.


Keychron Q6 Max

Gateron Oil King (sold out, look for other vendors)

Milky Yellow (not sure if this is specifically the correct one..?)

Red G Pro 3.0 (sold out, look for other vendors)

Nice PBT keycaps (Ghost Judges)


I am a big fan of NuPhy’s Halo keyboards. Their keycaps are amazing and I love the way they look and the spacebar is well dampened and satisfying. Same advice: buy some Red G Pro 3.0 Red, Milky Yellows, or Oil Kings.


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