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SPAM Messages after Whatnot signup

Hey everyone,


I wonder if someone else is having that problem.


For the charity livestream I signed up for whatnot. Besides the fact, that everything on that service is as sketchy as it can be, everything there is half-baked at best - which resulted in me immediately removing/deleting my account.


So - here's the Problems I have from that excurse.


A) They still send me login confirmation mails/SMS

will block them after they replayed to my mail I sent them about Problem B - no biggie, just waste of energy.


B) They seem to have shared my Number with a Spammer

The day after the Stream I started receiving Spam SMS at least once a day. All but one are marked as spam by Android so far.

But how do I know they are responsible for this? - I am very adamant about giving my phone number to others, I even carry a burner prepaid number for sketchy services where I just change the number/sim if this started. - For some reason I did not use that number for signing up on Whatnot (I probably pre-trusted them as LTT is using the service) and used my main number.

I successfully avoided receiving spam on that number for >10 Years now. As I did not signed up or used that number for anything new the last few month. So it easy to pin-point to them.




Besides this (i have no other prove than the timing), the whole service is at least as slimy and sketchy as a backroom porn site. Please never use that service again.

LANinfo.at - Austrias LAN-Party Portal


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I recommend reposting this up in Sponsor Discussion, where LMG folks are more likely to see it.


Please use the post format they'd like people to follow to raise concerns; that's going to get the most attention:


I sold my soul for ProSupport.

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