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No Video output help


Hi all,

Im working on my first PC build - its nothing special, just trying my hand at it on a budget. My issue is that yesterday (4/19) I finally had it all put together, POST, got into BIOs and got it updated (this was to use the ryzen 5500 but this also isn't working for some reason) installed windows 11 and got my computer all set up and running. Today (4/20) as I went to power on my PC to try downloading some school software, I get no video output from my GPU. My initial troubleshooting steps were:

1. cycle power

2. ensure all cables are connected and properly seated

3. trying different hdmi cables and different monitor

4. reseated GPU

5. reset CMOS


I really don't want to have to go buy another gpu to test if mine went bad overnight somehow, but that's what im thinking if i get nothing still from the display-hdmi cable i have arriving today doesnt work. 

When I initially booted up into windows yesterday after getting it all set up, I updated everything that needed to be, the only thing I didn't think of was GPU drivers, but during all the windows updates, the computer restarted several times so I didn't think about the GPU needing any sort of updates. As of right now, i've had it on hoping that something will just wake up and display and the computer itself still goes into sleep mode at the 10 min mark like i had it set. I really don't know what to do next and would appreciate any advice I can get!


CPU: Ryzen 3 3300x

GPU: Soyo Radeon RX 5500XT

MOBO: AsRock B550m pro4

RAM: Crucial 4x 8gb (blanking on the speed rn sorry)

NVME: kingston 1TB and a no name 512 gb for my OS

PSU: Red Dragon 650w 80+ gold

case: Raijintek Styx


Again everything was working with solid video out and running fine yesterday from like noon to 10pm, and this morning at 7am (PST) everything powers on but no video. 


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If you don't have a spare pc you can ask a friend if you can come with your pc to troubleshoot parts with his/hers pc.

Put your GPU into your friend's pc, and test your friend's GPU in your pc.


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