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Lenovo Legion - Stuck on black screen after sleep mode

I have a 5 year old Lenovo Legion Y540, I5 9th / 1650, with WIndows 11 Canary Insider. So far it's been working all great, except for one thing.


I used to leave the laptop on sleep mode (closing it) instead of shutting it down for days until I decided to reboot / had to update. I know this probably wasn't the best practice, but I could work with the laptop for a long time with only a tad of performance decline.


However, since this month I've had issues when I leave the laptop closed for hours. Now when I open it, there's a chance that it will get stuck. At first it got stuck with the Legion logo bootup screen with the fans turned on, and couldn't do anything except forcing shut down by holding the power button. Now it still gets stuck, but only the laptop's keyboard lights turn on and everything else is off, having to force shutdown as well. I had to break the habit of not shutting down (and not saving as well).


After shutting down and booting up again, the laptop comes back to normal, except for losing unsaved changes, of course. I wonder why is this happening? Haven't touched the BIOS at all.


Keep in mind that I'm using W11 insider and I'll do a clean install soon to see if it goes away.

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