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[GER/ EU] Crealtiy K1 max 389€ (3D-printer)


The Creality K1 max is currently on sale for 389€ incl. shipping: https://www.igo3d.com/creality3d-k1-max-high-speed-3d-drucker-kaufen-de

discount code: XMAS-2023-06

According to the shipping page they have free shipping EU wide (not limited to Germany). Delivery time has already jumped up to 46-48 days so it likely shows up after Christmas. 



What is the Creality K1 max? It's Creality version/"copy" of the Bambulab P1S 3D-printer with a print volume of 300x300x300 mm.

"review" by tested:




Everyone has a test system. Some are fortunate enough to have it separated from production.

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