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PC rebooting but only in warzone, cant figure out issue.

Hello friends my name is Baily Ryan and I’ve been having some serious issues with my computer for about 3 months now. I cannot run warzone, and before you stop reading I think youll find this very interesting. My computer runs fine and I can play any game besides warzone. I can play mw2 for hours, and rocket league and just about any other game. But if I load into warzone ill make it through the preround lobby but as im jumping out of the helicopter (or plane) my computer reboots. As of today (3/16/23) I now get a blue screen saying “critical process died” it lasts less than a second black screens and then reboots I had to take a video and try to freeze frame it so I could read the error code. Ive tried what feels like 1000 different things such as
-a new hard drive
-fresh install of windows (twice)
-updating my bios to latest version as of  (03-16-23)
-updating any and every driver I could think of 
Commands ive run
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Plus more just cant remember them ive spent hours on this to no avail

Windows finds no issue with any of these. 
So naturally I tried my best at stress testing my cpu using cinebench r23 ran fine no crashing. 
I next went to the gpu ran furmark gpu stress test at 1080p for hours no issue.
I repasted my cpu and reseated it.
I have removed each ram stick individually and reseated them as well as trying to run with only one ram stick the problem still persisted. . 
I would like to add this started in early December of 2022 prior to this I have not had any hardware changes since may of 2022 when I upgraded my gpu from a gtx 970. It started randomly one day and then I put a new drive in thinking it was corrupted files it worked for a day or two and then it would randomly crash its been getting more and more frequent to where it does it every single time now. About a month ago I was able to play duos but quads would completely reboot my pc. Now any game mode does this.
MOBO : gigabyte aorus b450 m
CPU : ryzen 5 3600
GPU : evga rtx 3050
Ram : 16gb (2x8) of crucial ballistix 3200 ddr4
CPU COOLER : thermal take 240mm AIO

PSU ; thermal take 650w 80+ gold

OS ; Windows 11 pro 64 bit
Thank you for reading. 

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