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Bluescreen of death help


I keep getting the bluescreen of death. All it says are WHEA_INCORRECTABLE_ERROR. I narrowed that down to mean hardware failure but I still don't know what hardware is failing. It only happens when the computer is under load (Playing world of warcraft and other games) Here are my hardware specs and some Windows error logs. Yes I know this is ancient technology and should be in a E-Waste Bin but this is my only rig for right now while I save for a new one.













Its not thermal related. I've never seen the CPU get above 63°C or the gpu above like 70°C I think something is dying but I cannot figure out what


Many Thanks,






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Well yes its likely one of your bits of hardware is the issue, it could be anything, the only real chance of finding the culprit is to swap parts and retest, run memtest see if it throws up any memory issues, disconect any extra drives other than windows drive and test, try one stick of ram etc, really need spare gpu to test or test yours in another machine


yes its old and cannot be expected to last forever, but all you can do is try and narrow it down

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1 hour ago, Ninjasupahsquid said:

Here's a HWINFO log file if you need more LOG FILE.HTM

That motherboard has a newer bios available.



Also, check your drivers with IObit Driver booster.


Here's the latest chipset driver:



Check the RAM with Memtest86+.


WhoCrashed is also a tool which might help.

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