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point and shot camera 2023

Hello everyone,

I couldn't find a similar thread so here I am.

I'm looking for a simple point and shot camera, something that would do what a iPhone or a Pixel would do. I want something easy to use and compact to keep in my pocket.

I have a Fuji AX-5, but I find it not immediate enough for me and we my gf and I travel, we always need to carry it in a small camera bag. At the end this camera is mainly used by my girlfriend because she is patient enough to play with it especially at low lights.

I've been considering the Sony ZV-1 or a Lumix DC-TZ200 but the first gives me the impression of a more vlogging camera and the second (more expensive) doesn't have usb-c and the feature to use it as webcam (I have very often videocalls, if I can use the camera for them it's a plus).

What else can be a good option for 500/600€ max price?


Thanks everyone!

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I would consider just buying a phone with a good camera, point and shoots seem to be very similar in quality nowadays.

A lot of phones also promise to be water resistant and all of them have the capability of transferring the pictures you took wirelessly, even on the go if you have enough data.


2 hours ago, Faccin0 said:

the feature to use it as webcam

There's USB capture cards made specifically for cameras, Elgato has one but there's also off-brand versions (I would take the specs with a massive grain of salt though)

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Sure would be neat if there was something useful here, eh?

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@BismutThanks for the reply!

I'm not actually looking to buy a new phone, I bought last summer a fairphone and obviously I don't want to change it. Also I was thinking of a proper camera because of general poor performance of phone cameras when the light is far for excellent.


Thanks for the usb capturing cards suggestion, I didn't know!

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if you are looking for a small and "compact to keep in my pocket" camera there are compromises to be made. I assume you mainly want to take pictures with the camera (and sometimes use it as a webcam).


In this post I gave a similar answer:



So, if you are ok with buying used gear there should be a lot to choose from:

The "smallest" camera (type) are compact cameras, they have no interchangeable lens. Like I said in the linked thread i have the most experience with Sony, so take all I say with a grain of salt.


Sony provides a good "webcam" software (https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/webcam/en/download/). There is also this one from Canon: "Canon EOS Webcam Utility Software", but Canon does not support as many "small" cameras. (The Nikon Webcam-Software supports even less camera choices)


At the given price point of 500-600€ i would look for a Sony RX100 series camera. They have no USB-C port, (the ZV-1 does not have one either- only the ZV-1F), since USB-C is "new" in the camera industry.


If USB-C is really important for you, there are only 2 compact cameras I am aware of (at this price point) :

"Sony ZV-1F" and the "Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III"


otherwise, I would try to get my hands on one if those:

Sony RX 100 M5, RX 100 M5A or RX 100 M6.

The M5A uses an improved processor and the M6 has a "better" lens (24-200mm instead of 24-70mm) but the M6 does not have a built-in ND-Filer (only useful if you want to take videos, but not necessary!!!).


In the used market (here in Germany) those 3 models are listed between 440 and 600€, so they would fit your budget perfectly.


If you have any more questions let me know!

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