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High PCH temps


Hey guys.


I had / built tens of pcs but is the first time I actually never had to pay attention to pch temp (pretty much everytime they were hanging around 40-60 degrees so I was not worried).


Now on my Mainboard ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 FORMULA [ ROG MAXIMUS Z690 FORMULA ] + Procesor Intel Alder Lake, Core i9 12900K 3.2GHz box, they seem to be hanging in idle at 75 Celsius. Everything else is 40-50 except vrm that is ~65.


I initially thought I have bad airflow but... it doesn't seem to change with the fan speed at all (all fans at 0... 74-75 Celsius, all fans full blown... 74-75 Celsius... case open... same; case closed... same). Other components are clearly affected by fan speeds so... don't think the airflow is a problem.


Another interesting thing is that the temp doesn't go much up it load (don't think I ever seen past 80 Celsius in all the tests I made).


I read on some forums that z690 may run pretty hot but no info regarding on what "pretty hot" means. So... is this normal? I don't really mind it, and doesn't seem to affect my sistem. I just... wonder if anything is wrong.



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I really wouldn't worry much about PCH temps unless they get north of 100 C. Often times the cooler and TIM has a lot of thermal resistance. At any rate it's not going to cause throttling or performance issues, and will last for the useful life of the board.

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