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I need help regarding playing games on my living room

Samuel Junio

Howdy good folk, how's going?

Recently I bought an apartment and I've been flirting with couch gaming since then, and now with TVs being able to provide a decent gaming experience I'm finally inclined to invest on it.
However, I have some constraints, which I'm going to list bellow

  • I can't put a PC case on my living room, that's a fact, even a small one. There's no space for it there;
  • The comms box is also in the living room(behind the TV panel). The network equipment(router, fiber cable etc...) prolly going to stay there

I'm thinking to pass a CAT 6 ethernet cable from the comms box to my desktop pc which going to stay in my office, which is the easy part, and my doubts begin here...There's equipment, some sort of USB-C hub, that I can place in my living room which I can plug and HDMI from my TV, mouse + keyboard, and an Xbox controller on it? I mean, alongside the ethernet cable I can pass a fiber optic USB-C cable and connect it to my desktop pc. I saw that @LinusTechuses his rack-mounted pc with a setup similar to that.

Thanks beforehand if you made that far in my post, really appreciate it. I'm open to suggestions

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