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1080p Gaming pc

Budget (including currency): $800 Cad

Country: Canada

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: RDR2, Doom, Elden ring, TF2, etc.

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 1080p 60hz monitor I already have, a mouse I already have, but i need a keyboard. Something that doesn't make the horrendous blue click sound. I prefer AMD. Because I do


list i came up with:https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/9WQNsL


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Liking a brand because it's said brand really isn't a good way to start things since iirc the 3600 gets beaten by the 12100f which is a cheaper cpu, so I'd go with something like this


Aforementioned 12100f 

Good board for the price 

Stock cooler sine the 12100 really dosent need an aftermarket one

Cheapest kit of 16gb ram 

Same 1tb storage

6600xt Instead of a 2060 for better long term support

White case since that's what i assume you want from your post and an Okay 650 watt psu

I made my list based off of your pcpartpicker lists price, but if you want to lower the price, swapping out the gpu to a 6600 and other changes might be warranted 


All that being said, with am5 releasing soon, there might be some appealing price drops on the falling out am4, so you might be able to get perfromance per dollar then the one I speced currently.

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55 minutes ago, Quandale Dingle said:

Elden ring, TF2


56 minutes ago, Quandale Dingle said:

For a Ryzen 5 3600, I recommend seeking used instead of new to save some money, it's a good pick overall and if you're set on new, the Ryzen 5 5500 would be worth considering if it's significantly cheaper. Very similar performance.

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


Primary PC:

i7 8086k - EVGA Z370 Classified K - G.Skill Trident Z RGB - WD SN750 - Jedi Order Titan Xp - Hyper 212 Black (with RGB Riing flair) - EVGA G3 650W - dual booting Windows 10 and Linux - Black and green theme, Razer brainwashed me.

Draws 400 watts under max load, for reference.


Linux Proliant ML150 G6:

Dual Xeon X5560 - 24GB ECC DDR3 - GTX 750 TI - old Seagate 1.5TB HDD - dark mode Ubuntu (and Win7, cuz why not)


Trash beauty:

Xeon X5550RX 570 4GB (defective) -Fattydove Racing 240GB - WD Blue 320GBHP Z400 - 6x2GB DDR3 1066 - EVGA 450W3


How many watts do I needATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0 spec, PSU misconceptions, protections explainedgroup reg is bad

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I have remade the list and earned some money over time, I decided that it would be funny if I put an AMD FX 8350 sticker on the front of the case while the inside has better specs. I even decides not to have a tempered glass side panel because I have a Knack of dropping things. I changed  the keyboard to a cheaper red switch one.



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