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Dell G7 7590 - i7-9750h Thermal Throttling (?)

Just to give some context, my laptop battery died so I had to run the laptop directly on AC. After removing the battery, I noticed that my laptop don't usually heat as much as it used to (before, its max temp is around 80-90°C but now its around 70 °C).

I've also notice that it removing the battery reduced my gaming performance, I figure that maybe I need to adjust some settings in my laptop 

I tried the following:

- Clean windows install

- Set the power plan to high performance

- Use throttlestop to increase power limit to my laptop


Now, I noticed that when I used Throttlestop,  the Max TDP is around 25W only, does this have anything to do with the way my laptop performs? Here are the settings I used in Throttlestop, as well as my log file when I try to run a few games


It would take a while for me to replace the battery, so any help would be gladly appreciated


Edit 1**: I also notice that the max frequency my cpu produces is 2.8 ghz even though its max turbo is at 4 ghz. Also, the frequency drops from 2.8ghz to 800 mhz for a while then goes back right up again

HW Monitor SS.png

Throttlestop SS.png

System Info.png


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Your Dell laptop has some horrible power limit throttling problems. This is typical for many Dell laptops from this era. 


You definitely have to start by replacing the battery. Not having a battery can be one of the things that triggers this type of severe throttling. You have a 45W CPU but your log file shows some horrible power limit throttling at only 8W to 10W. 


Dell changed their throttling schemes when the 8th Gen laptops were introduced. They use an embedded controller (EC) that sends low power throttling signals to the CPU. The MSR and MMIO power limits that ThrottleStop gives you access to are ignored when the EC power limit is set lower than these. That means you cannot do anything with ThrottleStop to solve these issues. The CPU can slow down to as little as 800 MHz. Sad for any laptop to be doing that in 2022. Only Dell laptops seem to have these power limit throttling issues.


Give your head a shake next time you think about buying another Dell laptop. Hopefully a new battery will restore things but I have my doubts. The poor performance is typical and there is often times no easy fix possible. 

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