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HP Omnibook 800CT (F1360A) restoration

Hello, world!!! I got an HP Omnibook 800CT (F1360A) laptop from my dad for birthday.


Device specifications:

  • Motherboard - F1360-80001 REV A (LOT No.174121)
  • Processor - Pentium 166MMX
  • Hard disk - 1 GB
  • Chipset - VLSI Eagle II
  • Video Adapter - NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV 2MB
  • RAM - 48 MB RAM (16 MB + 32 MB KTH-0B800/32 Kingston)

This sub-notebook is very dear to me, so I decided to write an appeal. I interested in various components and software:

  1. Drivers/Programs/BIOS for this device
  2. Original battery
  3. HP F1119A 64 MB RAM
  4. Laptop body (or 3D printing HP Omnibook 800CT case)

P.S. I have been trying to find components and circuits for this device for a long time. I contacted the manufacturer, there was no response yet. 
It will be very interesting to restore it and additionally add a PATA SSD (8GB) for comfortable operation.


P.P.S. I would be grateful for possible solutions and help. I will also add some photos of this miracle.








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