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dokan1 spamming event viewer

Hi, i try to find, what do this message, and if the message is a problem or possibility of corruption data.

I do a lot of research on google nothing work with my situation.

hi have error "dokan 1 mounting disk device". I dont do crypto or something else same.

Is my server home with windows 8.

I use 2 vm on vmworkstation (on windows 10)

i share my folder on my network.

I use plex media server

i have Nod 32 antivirus

i use goodsync for copy my file frome disk A to B, and i have time schedule 8 hours and 12 hours before start copy.

cpu: i7 4770k

mobo: Maximus vi hero

Use 8 sata on motheboard and i use a pcie card to 2 sata (PCI-E SATA Card, Richer-R PCI-E Cards PCI Express to SATA 3.0 2-Port SATA III 6Gbps Expansion Adapter Boards with Full Speed of 6GBPS Bandwidth Transmission) 1 for driver and one for dvd-rw 

I dont lost my drive, but this event arrrive lot of time by day.

Precedently i uninstall dokan library. I dont know why is installed but it was. Now is remove and that continue. I do antivirus scan with eset (nod32) and malwarebyte nothing go out.

I search on Schedule task to see if i see something weird. but no. i joint picture


Thanks all for your help




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