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USB Controller Resources Extended

I have not been able to figure out a fix to this issue and reaching out to ASUS provided no help except to RMA the old motherboard out. I decided to purchase a new board to see if it was a failed USB, however I get the error on my new motherboard so I am unsure anymore what could be causing this issue.

My only theory at this time is that the Corsair RGB I have in my build is causing the issues, but I have seen builds running so much more RGB with no issues. I can SlipStream my headset and mouse onto one USB dongle, maybe that will reduce the amount of used resources? I also plug in my headset and mouse to charge when I am done gaming, could these devices being plugged in cause the issue at boot?

My setup is below.

Old Board:
Asus B550-F

New Board:
Asus X570-E 
RTX 3080
Ryzen 7 3700x
Corsair RM850x
4 strips Corsair iCue Lighting
64GB Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB
H100i Elite LCD
4 Corsair LL 120 Fans
2 Corsair ML Elite 120 Fans  (AIO Cooler)
Corsair M65 Mouse
Corsair K95 Keyboard
Corsair Virtuoso XT Headset
Windows 11

If there is anymore information I can give to correct this issue, let me know!

USB Controller.png

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