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Chromebook Recommendation?

Have an old acer chromebook from years ago.  However, screen has ton of issues as it flickers a lot where its almost impossible to use unless  you basically stretch the chromebook on its back and put on the desk.  So you can't really look at the screen that well while sitting on a chair.  Also lot of the keys on the keyboard don't work... most likely due to water getting on the keyboard and screen few times.  Also the chromebook updates will end soon as this chromebook was bought years ago.  Now it has intel celeron processor n3xxx and 4gb ram 32 gb ssd.  Also has an ips screen which is very bright and good.  Only have few gb of space left so many files and videos i download, i transfer them to a external hard drive with this chromebook.  Also having 1080p resolution is a must and a good screen so ips screen no matter what?  All the laptops i post below seem to have that except asus 140 dollar one on sale?



Want to get a new chromebook and it would be strictly an entertainment and web browsing laptop like this one. Can anyone recommend a chromebook for me?  Do not want to spend a lot of money for one as i seen some chromebooks cost 500 dollars plus which i find ridiculous because if you pay that much, you are buying a windows laptop.



Are these costco and best buy chromebooks good?  Now these chromebooks especially the first one sometimes go on sale for 200 dollars or as low as 169 dollars.  That is no brainer for the first one right since it contain 128gb ssd?  Most chromebooks only have 32 gb ssd and some have 64gb ssd but 128gb of ssd for an asus chromebook with ips panel is no brainer right?

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1.  https://www.costco.com/asus-14"-c424ma-chromebook---intel-celeron-n4020---1080p.product.100807283.html   


350 Dollars but seen as low as 169 dollars.  Best option of all asus chromebook when on sale right because of ips screen and the amount of 128gb ssd space?  Read good laptop but overpriced at regular price but easy buy when on sale for 200 dollars and below?  Can also install linux on it now or years later after no more chromebook updates?




2.  https://www.costco.com/asus-14"-c423na-chromebook---intel-celeron-n3350---1080p.product.100743739.html    


300 Dollars, on sale now for 250 Dollars but seen as low as 200 Dollars


Almost as good as asus above but weaker celeron processor and ssd space?  






319 Dollars, but seen as low as 169 dollars.  Read its touchscreen but i don't want that... but read this lenovo has ips screen.  And ssd space is good at gb.  However, how is the mediatek processor compared to intel celeron of asus above?  Also read someone commented... you can't install linux on it because of the processor?  Anyone can confirm this?  Because even though i never used linux, well option to install iis nice... but especially say later on when you can't get anymore chrome updates years later so you install linux?






260 Dollars, but seen as low as 150 dollars.  Actually seen this at best buy physically and the screen was not good.  Looked extremely fuzzy and not a fan of it.  Then i read its a TN screen.  So you should definitely avoiit?  Surprise there were not that many people complaining about the fuzzy screen.  Read reviews that this lenovo is not touch screen and also has TN screen and not ips.  So completely avoiit right?





On sale for 140 dollars.  Specs seem decent and the same as like the one have?  But resolutlion may not be 1080p?




6.  https://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-chromebook-spin-514-convertible-14-full-hd-touch-ryzen-3-3250c-4gb-ddr4-memory-64gb-emmc-flash-memory/6447818.p?skuId=6447818


500 Dollar Chromebook on sale for 250 Dollars.  Thiis a premium chromebook or not?  Shows ryzen 3 processor but only 4gb ram?  Saw other premium chromebooks on best buy site for 500 dollars and up no sale but does have 8gb ram and faster processor.  So this would not be good because of the ram?

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That $140 one is 1080p.

When I bought a chromebook I noticed the price does reflect the quality of the screen. The processor performance also reflected the screen quality.

If you want linux I recommend an ex-lease i5 windows laptop. You get more performance for the price of a chromebook and you dont get messed around trying to make it work.

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Read the updates for that chromebook will be only for two more years.  So that isn't good.  Thoughts on the other ones? 



Should i get a windows laptop then but turn it into a virtual machine?  Will be planning to stream and download files from shady sites.  That is why i am using a chromebook.

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