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Random slow motion while ADS



I recently got into mods for Fallout 4 and have had a great time so far. However, I recently came across a problem that I cant seem to solve.


I had many other mods before this such as sim settlements and some random armor/weapon mods and I downloaded around 20 new weapon mods a day ago. After downloading the new weapon mods, all of the sudden I have gotten a bug where when I am aimed in (either right as I am in or hold it) the game goes into slow motion. It works very similar to a slow motion mod on vortex if anyone is familiar with that one. If not, imagine being on a Jet for one second when you aim in. There is no consistency with it besides it happening only when ADS.


Now I didn't download any mod that said it had this enabled in any way, at least that I can find. I have tried uninstalling all these mods as well and it still happens in the newest save. However if I load up a old save that previously had no mods on it with all my mods enabled, it works fine. 


This makes me believe that there is a problem with the save file, but when I downloaded and enabled the new mods, it deleted all other saves I had up to that point that had mods enabled.


Do you think I am out of luck with a broken save file or is there a way to fix this?



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