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I'm a Linux mobile OS enthusiast, and I even daily drive a Pixel 3a running Ubuntu Touch very smoothly, and I've used Linux phones as my daily for over a year now.

I felt inspired to make this post after watching Anthony's video.

After Anthony said "if you know of anything like this but better" this video immediately came to mind.

However after talking with the creator this build is not ready for prime time.


But look at how much potential there is. That looks to be the most effortless multi tasking I've ever seen for a tablet.

I've bought one of these tablets to install this on, but I haven't done it yet. I'd be more than happy to ship it to @GabenJr if he wants to try his hand at it (Anthony is welcome to any of my other devices aside from my Pixel 3a as well).


As for other Linux devices, I highly recommend the Pixel 3a running UT. It's given me the best experience out of all the mobile Linux devices I have.

The following is what I have (all running UT unless otherwise mentioned):

Pixel 3a

Nexus 5

Volla Phone

Nexus 7

Pine Phone UT

Pine Phone Manjaro (Manjaro Posh)


Important Pixel 3a note: If you're considering installing UT on a 3a, you must get or have a phone with an unlocked bootloader (not the same as GSM unlocked), which the phones from the Google store will have, and you’ll need to downgrade from Android 10 to 9. It’s pretty easy though.


I also have a Pixel 3a Ubuntu Touch review on L1's forum with more details.



If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask them. I will try my best to answer them.

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