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Left mount cases

Hi everyone, long time lurker here with his first thread. 


One of the main reasons why I've never had a PC with a windowed case is that my PC traditionally stands on the left side of my desk. So any window would face the wall and a window on the other side would simply show my cable mess and/or the boring back side of the mainboard.


Are there any cases where you can mount the mainboard on the other side? So that if the front is facing you, the window to see all the bling is on the right? I've looked for "mirrored" cases but that turns up cases with mirrors in and on them which is not what I want. It's even hard to put this into a good keyword.


Do you know why cases are built like this. Did no-one ever bother?


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I don't know any that I could specifically recommend, but it may help to know the actual term for what you're looking for. It's called an inverted case, or there's some cases that also just have reversible motherboard trays, which allows you to switch back and forth at will.

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This is called inverted, typically inverted ATX. 


Basically in order to do this and have the ports still be at the back, you have to turn the motherboard upside down. It's not super common and rarely is it the only configuration for a case. It's normally an option in a case, which comes with additional costs of having a removeable and invertible motherboard tray. 


EDIT: Two that come to mind are the Corsair 600C, which I believe is only inverted, and the beQuiet Silent Base 802, which can be regular or converted to inverted. 

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I've been in the same boat as you, OP. I wanted a inverted ATX case, but decided to reuse my old case and position it to the side. Maybe some day I want to get an inverted though.

Anyway, here are your options:

  • Seasonic Syncro Q704
  • Be Quiet Dark Base 700/900
  • Sharkoon REV200/REV220 (both also have motherboard flipped)
  • Cooler Master Cosmos 700P
  • Lian Li Odyssey X (inverted, but still left side)
  • Raijintek Thetis
  • Chieftec UK-02B-OP

Some of the listed cases are small cases, while others are very big full tower cases where you need to take the case apart to get the flipped/inverted layout.

Best for the budget are the Sharkoon or Raijintek. The Chieftec is the worst quality of the list. The Seasonic one comes with a PSU, which it's why it's so expensive.


Edit: The Lian Li can invert the motherboard, but the PC will still end up on the left side. Only right side if you would spin the case 180 degrees and make the front face back.

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oh, nice. Thank you for your input. I was wondering already and that I couldn't possibly be the first to come up with this idea.


The Sharkoon REV200 peaked my interest. Having the ports on top means a much easier access but the cable routing can be a mess. (I'm driving 6 screens).


Thank you for your help. At least now I know, what I'm looking for. 🙂

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