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  1. @VEXICUSCould you please add the following SSDs to the list? Internal NVME: - Kingston NV1 External: - Crucial X8 Portable SSD - Crucial X6 Portable SSD
  2. I always wonder about this too. On some monitors I've used I had to set it manually to 60hz. But I feel like it's setting itself back to 59hz everytime I check again.
  3. GPU dying less than 2 months ago out of nowhere and exactly during the GPU shortage. When using the PC, suddenly the PC turned off. After turning it back on, there was no signal and the GPU didn't have any light and the fans didn't spin at all. I hoped it was the PSU, but nope. GPU lasted only 4 years since I bought it brand new, while my old GTX 550 Ti lasted like 8 years (and still works).
  4. I never understood why Ryzen APUs always seem so high priced, it's like they are more rare than normal Ryzens, even before the chip shortage. At the time I got my 3400G for a pretty good deal (under $150). Since then I've never seen them at that price anymore and just go up, even $300 at some point. Same happened to the 3200G that was stable at $100 and since then always has been $120 or more until today. The 2400G wasn't that popular, yet still marked up in price when new. Now with the new Ryzen APUs, you would think the older APUs would drop in price, but they don't or just ba
  5. Yes, it should work as the PCIe lanes are also backwards compatible. Right now in the GPU shortage, I've read people use really old PCIe 1 or 2 GPUs like a 8800GT, just to have display output.
  6. Thanks for the info. How about the QNAP TS-230? It's under $200, but is it a bit good? In general, is 2GB ram good enough? Can it handle video playback? I don't think I will use Plex myself though. I checked out the QNAP that you mentioned. It comes in 2GB and 4GB versions, the 4GB version is about $50 more expensive here. That HDMI is nice to have actually, didn't know they had that kind of feature. In general, to everyone. Are the Synology DS420J (4-bay NAS) or ZyXEL NAS326 (2-bay NAS, but very cheap) any good?
  7. Thanks, I think that's clear. I wish it was the other way around, that Asus Aura Sync could control Corsair products too, because I only have a Corsair keyboard. Anyway, this will do the trick too. I will try it soon. I tried to look for it, it only supports 12V RGB strips, not the 5V ARGB ones. I use both, but mainly RGB for now, so it's good. Actually I found this: https://www.corsair.com/uk/pt/blog/aura-sync-dram-control With the Aura Sync plugin you can only control Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and Corsair Dominator Platinum ram. Too bad I don't use the first one anymor
  8. It's not possible, they must be the same cards. Actually AMD is more flexible in mixing and matching cards, but for Nvidia the cards have to use the exact same chip, vram, but somehow not the brand. Actually the 1060 was never intended to do SLI, until it was hacked. It was because 2x 1060s could match a single 1080. Which is why, I believe they only supported SLI on 1080s and 1080 Tis. Even the P106 that you mentioned had to be hacked/running modified software to display output without using any of the ports.
  9. I don't have one myself, but I believe the Ugreen and Sabrent ones are pretty good. It's a bit tricky to find the 3.5" models though, 2.5" enclosures are sold so much more these days.
  10. I do know about that. I'm planning to use the NAS as my 2nd or 3rd backup. I use external drives, it will be my only online backup.
  11. Hmm okay. The prices are pretty different from each other. The DS220+ is like $100 more expensive. I will have to research it a bit more before I decide.
  12. They are WD NAS 3TB drives. Not the newest release, the generation before they were colored red.
  13. I've seen that one before, looks pretty good. Only gets 3.5 stars on BH though. What's the difference between the DS218 play, DS220j and DS218? I think I rather get a new NAS after all, just to make sure. I will use my old drives. Actually they were never used before yet, just tested on a PC only.
  14. Thanks. I've checked for the NAS you have, it's not sold anymore. They still have the Netgear ReadyNAS 422, 214 and 424. The last two are 2-bay NAS, which cost like $350 (converted). The 2-bay one is $300. I actually have a Netgear router, but it seems like the Netgear NAS are not so popular in here. Top brands that I found are Synology and QNAP.
  15. No budget set, but actually spending $500 (converted) seems a bit much, especially if it's only a 2-bay NAS. I'd say about $300 for now. I was talking about a secondhand NAS actually, not secondhand HDDs. I'm looking for the NAS enclosure, since I already have 2x 3TB drives. Thanks for the recommendation, but it's a bit steep for my liking. And like I said, I just need the NAS enclosure. As for the backup, the NAS will be used for a backup as well along with my normal external HDD backups. Raid is a possibility, but I didn't have it in mind yet. I prefer a lot of storage over d