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  1. Low profile GPU, but very high profile cooler with those fins. That mousepad too by the way, I remember seeing it on Amazon.
  2. Sounds like a great and fast experience. I also like that they offer lifetime warranty with their RAM kits, even though it's limited lifetime. I got a G.Skill set that I got used, I've always wondered if I have warranty if I register the product without owning the receipt/order info.
  3. They took blowing up pretty serious this time with this chair! Seriously though, this probably will cost around $100 knowing Gigabyte and their Aorus. I've already seen similar chairs that go for $100 up until $200 and I see them being listen on marketplaces often, because it's probably just a money grab.
  4. Only if we can get them at MSRP they're interesting. For now it's better to spend $500'ish on RX 6600 XT, even though it's still $100-$150 too expensive.
  5. Possible, but too permanent for me. I can cut them of course, but I can't find my zipties right now. If I don't even want to mess up the screw threads, then I'm surely not going to hot glue them. It can be handy though in situations. Okay, that's an option. Simple and free. I almost forgot these exists. I need those, just not a 50 pack, I just need 8. They're cheap from China, but shipping takes too long. Maybe on Amazon.
  6. On my case I have 2 fans with the blades exposed, I use an open air case. I still have some fan filters laying around that I want to use to cover them up. I have a thin mesh ones and a thicker metal ones. Now I want to attach the mesh filters, the holes are shown, but not poked out yet. I think the usual fan screws are too heavy and tight to attach these fan filters. Normally it's supposed to hold the whole fan, not just a tiny piece of mesh. It's not worth threading them for that in my opinion. Is there any other way to attach them? Preferably also so they're not attached
  7. I didn't know the Prime B450M-K doesn't have RGB headers at all. I have the Prime B450M-A and it has an RGB header. Anyway, @KKLawrence you should get these. I suggest you get a 3-pack, they usually come with a RGB controller if your motherboard has no connection for this. Also, make sure you don't get static RGB fans, they can't change colors. Non-RGB and cheapest: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07GSTMRFB/ref=sr_1_1?currency=EUR&dchild=1&keywords=120mm lüfter&language=de_DE&qid=1634216807&sr=8-1 With RGB, but a bit more expensive (m
  8. True, "shucking" is very popular. You can see examples online to see what kind of drives come out of it. SMR or CMR and helium filled or not, etcetera. Anyway, since he wants a portable I suggest to get the either of the two Seagates. WD is actually just as good, Toshiba is less reliable, but cheaper. I assume those are Australian Dollars, but around the holidays you can usually get portable 5TB external HDD for around $80-$90. Just 2 months ago I picked up a Seagate 4TB portable one for just $75 from Amazon.
  9. Yes, like he said. Start with upgrading RAM. Get another same 8GB stick or sell the 8GB and get a 16GB dual kit. You also need more than 1 fan I think. You can get fans for as cheap as $5 or you can choose to spend more if you want RGB. GPU is a nice upgrade after that, I'm just not sure if your PSU can handle RTX 3000 cards or AMD RX 6000 cards, since it's a bit older and not always a trusted brand.
  10. Linus recently made a video about if 4 cores is still enough in 2021. The answer is yes, it still is. But this usually applies for people who already have a 4 core and don't want to upgrade right now. In your case going from 4 cores to a newer generation 4 core is not really or just a small upgrade. Go to 6 cores directly, it will be better long term.
  11. I've always wondered how they make bots or bypass the Captcha. Sometimes you can get stuck in them for a while even as a human.
  12. Those a pretty cheap prices actually, cheaper at least than sales in Europe. The SN750 is faster than the SN550, but you might not notice it with your tasks. Also it has longer lifespan I believe (I don't have the TBW written numbers right now).
  13. The best value ones are the WD SN550 and Kingston A2000. The best performance one is the WD Black SN750, followed by the Crucial P5 and Adata S110 Pro. My suggestion is go for the Kingston A2000 if it's noticeably cheaper than the rest. Good performance for a good price, it's TLC and has a separate cache.
  14. I'm surprised someone still plays Advanced Warfare. Is it connected through DP or HDMI? Some monitors only support high refresh rate with only DP. Is the Benq running fine at 240hz in Windows?
  15. If you already tried 2 PSUs, then I'm sorry to say that it could be the GPU acting up. I've seen GPUs that were defect, because they could not be used anymore under load. At first GPUs can start artifacting, but it can also happen right away. Plenty of RX cards have this problem and usually there's no easy way to fix it, unless you know an expert who knows which little parts to fix on the board, yet even then it's not guaranteed. There's probably no way you can test your system with another GPU or try your GPU in someone else's PC?