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Logon Screen Issue

I'm not sure i'm being stupid here. So I apologise in advance. 

I am staying at a family members house for an extended period of time and I have brought my PC with me. I have created a second user account for someone else, But I can't find a way, apart from "When from sleeping" for windows to default to the logon screen. I want to be able to allow the family member to use my PC while I am not here, But I don't want them on my account (logged into socials and emails etc) But for some reason, on windows 10, I cannot find a way to set it to select user when I turn the PC on. It only ever logs me in by default from start up, then Have to switch users. Is there a way to do this? Or is it something that's been removed? I've never had to do this since windows 7. 

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Took me about an hours worth of research but I found it. This is for anyone in the future searching for the same issue. 

Check Users must enter a username and password to use this computer. 

Why this isn't in the profile settings or user account settings is beyond me. 

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