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Current build: R5 3600, B450 Tomahawk MAX (that is dead), 2x8gb 3200cl16, adata sx8200 pro 1tb ssd


Upgrading cpu and mobo to 5600x and b550 aorus pro ac


Is it just a plug and play process? As in transfer ram and m.2 ssd over to the new board, then reinstall it. Or do I need to do something more? All I want is convenience (not willing to spend days upon days upgrading 2 components) as well as not losing my game settings/files/all my data in general. But some say I need to wipe my drive clean, reinstall windows 10, etc etc but there's no way I'm doing that since I have nowhere to backup certain data like game settings and app preferences and stuff like that. What do I need to do/take note of? 


Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out!

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