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  1. Have tried that already multiple times, unfortunately
  2. Bios is updated to the latest. Also i cannot rollback since if I do the build will not post
  3. Specs: R5 5600x, b550 aorus pro ac, F4-3200C16D-GTZR 2x8Gb G.skill ram Full story: Old build had been running fine, r5 3600 and b450 tomahawk max, same ram sticks. But then my mobo died, so I decided hey why not upgrade my cpu as well while im on it. Upgrade went relatively well, only hiccup was that the store i bought the cpu and mobo from lied to me and falsely told me that they were compatible out of the box (they werent). Gave me a small shock when it didnt post but at the end of the day a quick bios flash and I was done. Now that the pc is up and runn
  4. Specs: r5 5600x, b550 aorus pro ac, 2x8gb 3200cl16 tridentz rgb ram is from old build, can confirm it works fine with XMP enabled on old build. Could even overclock it to 3600cl16 no problem. When I enable XMP and save settings, when I go into desktop and open cpuz or something it still shows 1066MHz, meaning my ram is running at the stock 2133mhz speed of ddr4. I tried manually changing the memory multiplier myself to 32.00 but it also doesn't work; when I save it and log into desktop again it is not running at that speed. Can someone help? Why can't I simply enable X
  5. That is what it shows...
  6. Yes, I have done that already. G Skill Trident Z Rgb 2x8gb 3200cl16. I have been running xmp just fine on my previous build, and can even overclock it to 3600cl16 no problem. Its just that xmp don't work on this new board
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I am installing Ryzen master now.
  8. System memory multiplier is set to 32.00 and I cannot change it
  9. I went back twice to check that XMP was enabled, still running at 1066MHz though
  10. Yes I did update the BIOS to the latest F13. It wouldn't boot otherwise anyway.
  11. So my build finally boot. R5 5600x, b550 aorus pro ac, trident z 3200cl16 2x8gb, seasonic gx-650 gold So I go into BIOS and do all the usual stuff. Turn on xmp, adjust fan curves and enable PBO. That was all I did. (Although not the point of this post, please tell me if I need to do anything more to enhance performance) But when I go save it and go into desktop, open cpu-z it says my ram is running at 1066MHz (or 2133MHz). Why? What did I do wrong? Must I manually tune the memory and I cannot use the pre loaded XMP profile? P.S. What RGB software should I u
  12. Gotcha. Which tutorial should I follow to update the BIOS on the gigabyte board? Preferably the official one, but any great tutorial is fine as well.
  13. Thank you for your help. I will try to update the BIOS first, and if it still doesn't work I will have to RMA it. Quick side question: Will r5 5600x work with my old b450 tomahawk max board? If I rma the new gigabyte board i still need a pc to use in the meantime and maybe i can use the new cpu with old board?
  14. I guess it won't hurt to update the BIOS. Is there a tutorial from official source like Aorus? Can I do it even with all the components installed? How do i know if my BIOS is outdated in the first place?