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I bought new components to build a new pc, attached and mounted everything and managed to install windows. Now once during the windows installation the pc suddenly restarted and I had to restart the windows 10 installation from scratch. 

after managing to install windows I made a new profile and managed to login into it. When I tried to go and download chrome the pc suddenly reboot, sudden restart without any prompt. It just went off and started on again. I tried again and the sae kept happening. Sudden crashes and restarts without any blue-screens. Managed to go into safe-mode and installed graphic drivers and check for errors. The more I tried the more frequent the crashes became. Even flashed the bios and installed the latest available. Now it came to a point that the pc boots tries to load and cannot even go into windows or windows safe menu just constant crash and booting. 
The Pc parts are the following:

Ryzen 5600x

Msi mpg X570 gaming edge wifi

16GB 2x8GB corsair vengeance led pro ddr4 3200MHz

Intel Optane 512GB nvme

2tb barracuda HDD

MSI Ventura RTX 3070 3X OC

PSU TT 80+ Bronze 750 W Smart B2


Could it be a faulty part? I bought everthing new from scan in my country and really do not know what else to try. 

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Found out the problem. Apparently it was a bad cpu out of the box. Managed to get a new one under the warrant, but due to lack of stock upgraded to the ryzen 7 5800x. 

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