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  1. Found out the problem. Apparently it was a bad cpu out of the box. Managed to get a new one under the warrant, but due to lack of stock upgraded to the ryzen 7 5800x.
  2. I bought new components to build a new pc, attached and mounted everything and managed to install windows. Now once during the windows installation the pc suddenly restarted and I had to restart the windows 10 installation from scratch. after managing to install windows I made a new profile and managed to login into it. When I tried to go and download chrome the pc suddenly reboot, sudden restart without any prompt. It just went off and started on again. I tried again and the sae kept happening. Sudden crashes and restarts without any blue-screens. Managed to go into safe-mode and in
  3. Thanks for the tip. Will be getting a 750w one. This was a mistake i’ll try not to repeat the next time for sure.
  4. Damn I should have thought about it better a bit before buying it . Tried following PC the build on PC part picker which estimated power consumption with the Ryzen 5 5600x to about 380 watts and thought it would be enough.
  5. I am in a bit of a pickle and do not know the best course of action that I should take. I recently managed to get some new hardware for a new pc and to save some money I got a cheap case from thermaltake which was bundled with a free 550W PSU. Now the problem is that when I got my graphic card which is an MSI Ventus 3070 3x OC and was building the PC I noticed that I do not have enough Power supply PCI-e connections to power it up. The only cable that I have got left after connecting the cpu and the motherboard connection is, a cable with a 6+2 pin connection along with a 6 pin connection.
  6. My first fondest memories of gaming is when my mum gave me an orange interplay game collection for my windows me pc and playing the heck out redneck rampage, interstate 76 and carmageddon. This was back in early 2001 and I was just 9 years old.
  7. Why would it be an issue though. Personally I wouldn’t use it much. The only reason I would slow the footage is to either find some kind of easter egg or to try and catch a better peek of some naughty scenes. When are they adding these feature anyway?
  8. Still using my GTX 760. Nowadays it’s struggling a bit too much to keep up with the frames.
  9. Save a bit more and build more until the new line up of gpus comes out and then build a new system. Otherwise spend them on cheese puffs
  10. Yeah me too but the next one is still a bit off. Really need an upgrade on my gpu. Still using my gainward gtx760 and its starting to show its age. That msi gtx 1070 ti is one heck of a beauty.
  11. Prices for pre-builts are not as high as they used to. An Core i7-7700 1TB 8GB GTX1070 costs around 1300 euros. Yeah the case is nothing nice to look at but personally I do not care that much for the case as long as the internals are good.