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RTX 3070 Second monitor turns black for a few seconds

Second monitor turns black for a few seconds while watching youtube videos while rezising tabs. It happens in any browser, chrome, edge, opera ...

update: it happens in any website with a video

vid of the problem:



Just got a new rtx 3070 (lucky!) from bestbuy, formated my computer and installed windows.


I tried reinstalling nvidia divers, disabling all extensions on chrome, reconfiguring power settings, updating windows... nothing seems to work


Note: this didn't happened with my old gpu (gtx 1080) or the old version of windows I had before formating the pc. Other than that, the 3070 performs as it should



Ryzen 7 3700x

RTX 3070 FE - 461.09 driver

16 GB RAM 3200

Asrock B550

Crucial MX500 500GBboot drive


Hopefully anyone can help!

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