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i7 4790k

gigabyte z97m-d3h

16gb hyperx

gtx 970

corsair cv450


when i push the power button fan lights come on for a second and turn off while power button's led stays on started disassembling system and its when the gpu is added it starts acting this way working fine without it so need to know if its gone kaput or if theres any problem

p.s - have tried another power supply did the same


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I know you tried a different power supply, do you or a friend have an older gpu you could try in the system?  If a different GPU also cause trouble, then it could be a motherboard issue.  You could also try the GPU in the bottom slot on the motherboard.

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Did you try putting the card in a different PCI slot on the motherboard? might be worth a shot. 


Another thing to try would be to hook your monitor up to the on board graphics and check to see if it boots.

Then look in the bios to see if the graphics settings changed.

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