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Sudden FPS drop/Freezing issue

So my computer gets huge FPS drops like this doing almost anything, every couple of minutes. Every game I play, in Discord, Google, file explorer, etc. Whenever it happens my screen freezes very briefly, but any inputs I put out still get registered. It just looks like in the clip, where everything moves in really fast speed after the unfreeze e.g., any keys I hit during it get typed out really fast, in games if I was moving my mouse during the freeze I'll turn super fast in the direction I was pushing the mouse. It has no effect on audio, or video streaming. It's not so bad when my PC first starts up, but gets worse the longer my PC is on. The only temporary fix is restarting my PC. I have windows fully updated, my drivers are updated. It's continued to do this through a CPU, and PSU change. I've increased my RAM. Gotten a way better cooler. It did this before and after I started using 2 monitors. It's been so long and I can't figure out what does this and it's really starting to get annoying. I'm really afraid it might be the GPU or motherboard, and I'll have to replace one or both of them. I'd be really grateful if anyone could confirm what the causes this and how to fix it. Here's a clip of it happening.

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