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Hi all,


I've looked long and hard through multiple forums and reddit posts and I can't seem to fix my problem.  I'll start a video fine and after about 10-15 minutes of playtime, I notice a video/audio desync.  This happens on not only browsers (chrome) but also when I use VLC.  I see a lot of posts about browsers, but my problem exists in both the software and browser.  I'm not sure if this exists when I play games, but I only notice it when  I watch anything.  This has been plaguing me for a month or two now and I can't seem to find a fix, so I've resorted to finally submitting a post for help.  


Things I've Tried:

I've uninstalled my NVIDIA audio driver

Updated Realtek Drivers from its website and from MSI (tried both separately)

Change my sound from studio to DVD quality

Update GPU drivers

For Browser I've disabled Hardware Acceleration

Checked both my monitor's cables plugged into GPU not Motherboard.



i5-7600k @ 4.7GHZ

MSI Z270-A Pro

Asus Strix 1070TI

16GB Gskillz Ram DDR4 @ 3000mhz

Samsung M.2 500GB SSD


Acer Predator 27" 144hz 1440P (Using DP)

Old BENQ GW2760S 1080P (Using HDMI)

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